Custom 1911 Stabilized Wood & Acrylic Hybrid Grip – Clear, Pink, White



Made In USA

Will fit any full-size, standard 1911 Government or Commander model (4” or 5” barrel length).

All grips have been fitted to a Kimber full size 1911 target model, but will generally fit the Colt 1911, Colt 1911 A1, Colt 1991 A1, Kimber 1911, Springfield Armory 1911, Wilson Combat 1911, Smith & Wesson 1911, Les Baer, Rock River Arms, Rock Island Arms, and many other full size 1911 clones.

Screws and bushings not included.


Product Description

Our hybrid grips feature natural, stabilized burls casted with vibrant acrylics, making them some of the most stunning grips available. Each grip goes through a stabilizing process that uses a vacuum to remove all air from the wood and replaces it with resin that is heat-cured into a polymer to allow the burl to harden.

The wood species may vary between products. We use a majority of buckeye burl, maple, and box elder burls.

Additional Information


Clear, Pink, White